When in Rome …. eat gelato!!!


One of the most memorable experiences I had in Italy was gelato. You could say I went on a gelato-eating spree, and tried almost all the flavors available in the whole of Rome. I wanted to eat one gelato every day, but ended up having about three each day instead.

My favorite flavor was “Limone”, or Lime. It had a fresh, tangy flavor that made me feel energetic!

Pistacchio was another excellent flavor, but it is important to look out for the homemade version with real nuts rather than the flavored variations.

gelato2.jpgEveryone has heard about the wonders of Italian coffee, and this makes the Caffè a must try for coffee lovers. It is a dreamy mix of espresso and cappuccino.

The “Bacio” (which means kiss!) is another popular flavor that is a mixture of hazelnuts and cioccolato (chocolate).

The “Fior de Latté” or “Panna” (cream) is not just any plain old cream ice cream (no pun intended). It is absolutely delicious, and the cream has a flavor of it’s own.

When I first landed in Italy, I thought “gelato” was just the Italian word for “ice cream”. But as it turns out, I wasn’t completely correct. Gelato and ice cream are actually two different things:

  • Gelato doesn’t have as much fat as ice cream, making it a teensy bit healthier. Ice cream has way more cream and it’s fat content is 10%. Gelato uses more milk and generally uses less egg yolks – if they use any.
  • The pace at which ice cream is churned is faster when compared to gelato. So ice cream becomes fluffier because of air inside it, while gelato is denser (sometimes giving it more flavor).
  • Gelato is normally served 15 degrees warmer than ice cream, which is served at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If gelato was served at that temperature, it would be way to dense, and if ice cream was served like gelato, it would be way too soupy.


I’m going to tell you a little SECRET our local Italian guide told us. If the gelato in the shop is too brightly colored or piled too high, it has artificial flavors or chemicals so be sure to avoid it. Make sure you eat gelato which is flat, and not too brightly colored.

Trevi_Fountain_Rome.jpgAnyway, I have decided I like gelato more than icecream, so I am working on getting my parents to move to Italy 🙂

I hope you liked this post, and hopefully when you visit Italy you will think about this!

See you soon, with another yummy post.


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