A bite of heaven in Hanoi

Hanoi.JPGIf you ever go to Vietnam, never ever go to a fancy, expensive restaurant. The street food there is just stunning, and something you certainly do not want to miss out on. Pho may be the most famous dish, but Bun Cha is the yummiest according to me.

Bun Cha originated, and still remains very popular in Hanoi. If you are travelling around Vietnam, make sure you hog on Bun Cha in Hanoi, because it is the cheapest there. In other places, it is way more expensive, and might not even taste that good. It is usually served in most places only at lunch time. There are typically no “wrong” places as such to eat in. Any place along the road is good. And part of the experience is to squat on plastic stools in a little hole-in-the-wall street-food shack and share your table with other diners!

Bun Cha.jpgSo what is Bun Cha? Bun is the name of the noodles and cha means to barbeque. Bun Cha is a dish made of two kinds of pork – pork patties and pork belly. You will be served with white rice vermicelli (noodles), a basket with all sorts of yummy greens, a bowl of dipping sauce with some sliced pickled carrots and green papaya, and the pork.

Take your chopsticks, and dig in. Take a little bit of everything and coat it thoroughly in the dipping sauce. Heaven in a bite!


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