Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!!

Nitrogen Ice Cream.png

How many of you have never eaten ice cream? I bet all of you have. But how many of you have tried ice cream made with LIQUID NITROGEN?

Liquid nitrogen is used to make the ice cream freeze faster than it would with a hand cranker or an electric machine. So you can eat your ice cream sooner!

Here’s how it is made:

An ice cream base in a flavor that you prefer is taken. It is poured into a stand mixer and churned at medium speed. While it churned, liquid nitrogen is slowly drizzled in. To avoid an icy and slightly odd texture, it is poured in slowly, and not too much at once.

The sides of the mixer can be slightly blowtorched, as the base tends to stick to the sides as opposed to the bottom. When it gets to the right texture, it is served cold (obviously!!).

So why liquid nitrogen?

Besides the fact that you get ice cream about a half hour quicker, it also lets the ice crystals become smaller, and so it the smoothens the ice cream and gives a better chance of achieving a creamy consistency. Also, smaller crystals means more flavor.

Colder temperature inhibits the taste buds ability to pick up sweetness. When ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen, you get an explosion of flavors as the ice cream warms up quicker and melts in your mouth, enhancing your taste buds’ ability to detect sweetness.

However, liquid nitrogen can be quite dangerous as well, so it’s very important to be careful when using it.

See you soon with some more recipes and innovative cooking methods!


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