Sushi Time in San Jose!!

20170407_114737.jpgSan Jose, California has some of the best Japanese food with amazing sushi, sashimi, and rolls. The restaurant I went to is called Cha Cha Sushi, and you just have to go there. A lot of people flock to this restaurant, so make sure you go there early. There can be a 40-minute waiting line! (Crazy, but true). It is ranked among the top ten Sushi places in San Jose.

I feel you can’t appreciate Japanese food fully if you are vegetarian. There are vegetarian options as well, but they are limited because the Japanese eat a lot of fish.

Sashimi refers to sliced raw fish. Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg. Personally, I prefer drier food, so I like sashimi better. The rolls are just heavenly. The rolls we got were the Spicy Tempura (which is shrimp and not very spicy J), Red & Gold, and Cherry Blossom (I loved this one). Then we got the sake salmon sashimi, and the spicy Hotate (spicy scallop – it wasn’t spicy J). I don’t know how we managed to finish so much food, but we did.

Sushi is very healthy. So here’s the nutritional stuff you need to know:

  • Every component in sushi has distinct health properties.
  • The Japanese have a lower risk of heart disease because of the amount of fish they consume.
  • Raw fish has omega-3-fatty acids.
  • Rice is a good source of energy, protein, and a way to decrease diarrhea.
  • Wasabi helps in cancer prevention, blood clotting, and preventing tooth decay.
  • Seaweed has a good concentrated mineral content. It is rich in iodine, copper, calcium, iron, and magnesium.
  • Ginger has various health properties and is excellent.
  • Soy sauce protects us cancer, cardiovascular disease, premenstrual syndrome and even osteoporosis. But it’s better to get the soya from milk or tofu.
  • Fish roe: Although rich in omega-3 fatty acids thought to help protect against heart disease, it is also high in cholesterol, so it shouldn’t be consumed in large amounts.
  • If you see the word ‘tempura’, it means it is fried. So if you want to lose weight or are watching your diet, you should probably stay away. Tempura usually consists of seafood and vegetables.

Now that you know all this, it is time for you to eat some SUSHI!!! Have fun!!

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